How to report changes to OSAP application information

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When applying for OSAP aid you provide personal and financial information that is used to determine your eligibility and funding entitlement.

If this information changes during the academic session in which you receive OSAP assistance, then you are responsible to notify the University so that we can update the information on your OSAP record. These changes may increase, decrease, or not affect your funding entitlement.

Complete the appropriate form below: you must sign and date all forms and any supporting documentation. Put the form and any supporting documentation into the drop box located in the lobby of the Bennett Centre for Student Services (open 24 hours), or send by fax to 416-736-5386. Do not submit duplicate forms.  This will cause processing delays. Use the Financial Document Tracker to monitor the receipt of your forms.

It will take eight to 10 weeks to process your change request. If the change(s) impacts your entitlement, then you will be notified by the government. You can also check your status on the government OSAP website to see if the change has been completed.

Income Changes

When you applied for OSAP you may have reported income from several sources, and need to report changes to any of those sources.

If your own income has changed: complete an Income Change Request Form for Fall/Winter 2019-2020
If your parents' income has changed: complete a Request for Assessment on Parent’s Estimated Income
If your spouse's income has changed: complete a Request for Assessment on Spouse’s Estimated Income

Change of Postal Address

If your postal address changes, then you should:

Other changes

If your OSAP application was for the fall term only, but you now plan to take courses in the winter term as well: complete a Winter Extension Request
For any other changes, including cancellation of your OSAP application: complete a Change Request