I've Applied For OSAP

OSAP Application Processing Times

Depending on the time of the year, the processing of your application may take six to eight weeks. Check the status of your file by logging into the government OSAP website.

The government needs to confirm your registration status before it can release funds.

The first instalment of fall/winter OSAP funding should be available in early September if you completed your OSAP application and submitted all the required supporting documentation by the preceding June 30.

Because so many York students apply for OSAP during the peak summer months, if you do not submit the application, information and documentation by June 30 then you will receive your first OSAP instalment in October (at the earliest).

What affects my OSAP eligibility and funding?

The following may affect your OSAP eligibility and aid:
  • Dropping courses.
  • Dropping to part-time status during the year.
  • Withdrawing from your program.
  • Increases in your income, awards or other resources.
  • Reporting incorrect income information (student, parents or spouse) on your original application.
  • Receiving more OSAP aid than you were entitled to in two academic years.
  • Failing courses.

Academic Progress Standards

To remain eligible for OSAP aid, the government expects you to successfully complete and pass your courses within a determined timeframe. Frequent or multiple program switches, drops, withdrawals or repeats of programs funded by OSAP aid may be interpreted as signalling a lack of academic progress and direction.

The government's minimum requirement for academic progress is that you must pass at least 18 credits during the fall/winter session; if you are a student with a permanent disability, you must pass at least 12 credits during the fall/winter session.

If you take summer courses and apply for OSAP, your summer grades are also reviewed.

You may be required to complete and submit an Academic Progress Explanation Letter.

The Periods of Study Plus One policy states that students may apply and receive full-time OSAP for the number of periods of study required to complete their program, plus one additional study period.

For example: For four-year programs, students can receive five years of OSAP funding.

Periods of Study Plus One does not apply to the part-time OSAP program. Students with a permanent disability, or a persistent and prolonged disability, are exempt from this policy.

For OSAP purposes, a study period is defined as one academic year.

If you only study for one or two terms in one academic year, it still counts as one full academic year for years plus one calculation. The Periods of Study Plus One policy does not include periods of study in which a student did not receive full-time OSAP.

The chart below lists the consequences for not meeting the government's minimum required academic progress while receiving OSAP aid:

Failing to meet academic progress standards for... ...means the student... ...and to fix that the student:

1 academic year

is placed on OSAP probation for the remainder of the current academic year and the next full academic year, but may remain eligible for OSAP aid

must succeed in the following academic year to maintain OSAP eligibility.

2 academic years

loses OSAP eligibility for a minimum of 12 months (1 year)

must maintain outstanding student loans in good standing with lending institution during the 12-month period.

3 academic years

loses OSAP eligibility for a minimum of 36 months (3 years)

must maintain outstanding student loans in good standing with lending institution during the 36-month period.

4 academic years

loses OSAP eligibility for a minimum of 60 months (5 years)

must maintain outstanding student loans in good standing with lending institution during the 60-month period.

5 academic years

loses OSAP eligibility

must repay all outstanding student loans prior to obtaining new loans.

What important changes should I report?

Once you submit your online OSAP application, you can no longer edit it.

But circumstances in your life may change before or during your study period, such as changes in income, marital status, family size, access to transportation, etc., meaning that the OSAP application information becomes outdated. You must then submit notice of these changes to York University's Student Financial Services.

Changes Can Affect Your Funding

Your OSAP aid entitlement is based on the number of courses in which you are enrolled. If you drop or change courses after you apply, it will affect your OSAP entitlement and may cause delays in receiving your funding.

If your income information changes after you submit your OSAP application, then your OSAP aid entitlement may be reassessed.

After you are assessed and receive a Part-Time Student Loan or grant during the summer session, you cannot be reassessed for full-time OSAP aid if you add more courses. This means that any tuition, fees, and book costs for those additional course(s) will not be considered.

How to report changes to OSAP application information.

Previous Loans

To keep your previous student loans interest-free while you continue your studies you must inform the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC) or any other previous lender that you are a still registered as a full-time student.

To make your full-time status known to the NSLSC, on or after the first day of classes, you can either apply online or by submitting a paper form. We strongly recommend that your submit your Continuation of Interest-free status application online to ensure your application is complete and to reduce the processing time of your submission.

Applying online

  1. Log in to your OSAP account.
  2. Under Interest-free status, click Apply for interest-free status.
  3. Follow the instructions in the application.

Applying by submitting the paper form

Note: The Bennett Centre for Student Services is currently closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We strongly encourage you to submit your CIFS application online through your OSAP account for timely processing. If you are unable to submit your application online, you can send a copy of your completed paper application in pdf format to findocs@yorku.ca.

  1. Download and print this Continuation of Interest-Free Status / Confirmation of Enrolment (Schedule 2) form.
  2. Complete Part 1 (Registration and Your Profile), Part 2 (Continuation of Interest-Free Status Application), and Part 3 (Enrolment Confirmation) - Section C: Student Information only. Sign and date it.
  3. Submit your completed form (all 13 pages) in the OSAP Documents drop box located in the Bennett Centre for Student Services (open 24 hours) or fax it to 416-736-5386.

York University then checks your registration status and posts the update to your OSAP record. The information is sent electronically to the NSLSC and/or previous lenders.

The Continuation of Interest-Free Status form cannot be submitted or posted to your OSAP record before you are registered as a full-time student. The deadline to apply is 21 days prior to your current study period end date.