Reporting scholarships, awards and bursaries to OSAP

York University scholarships, awards and bursaries

Undergraduate students — All funding (scholarships, bursaries and awards, etc.) received by the University will be reported to OSAP and may have an impact on your OSAP entitlement. York University regularly provides updated funding information to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities so undergraduate students are not required to report these awards themselves. Students who are employed in Work/Study positions (Work/Study, RAY, CLAY or YES) are required to report this income on their OSAP applications.

Graduate students — Graduate students are required to report their funding package on their OSAP application as income. As students are not typically aware of how the funding will be broken down at the time in which they are applying for OSAP, it is recommended that students report the Fall and/or Winter value of the funding package (or summer portion for Summer applicants) under the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards field in the OSAP application. All other York funding (received outside of the funding package) must be reported to OSAP unless you have received notification from York in writing that they will report the award to OSAP directly.

External scholarships, awards and bursaries

OSAP recipients (graduate and undergraduate) must report all funding (scholarships, awards bursaries) received from agencies external to York University and not processed through York University.