Step 7. Report any changes to application information

Once you submit your online OSAP application, you can no longer edit it.

But circumstances in your life may change before or during your study period, such as changes in income, marital status, family size, access to transportation, etc., meaning that the OSAP application information becomes outdated. You must then submit notice of these changes to York University's Student Financial Services.

Changes Can Affect Your Funding

Your OSAP aid entitlement is based on the number of courses in which you are enrolled. If you drop or change courses after you apply, it will affect your OSAP entitlement and may cause delays in receiving your funding.

If your income information changes after you submit your OSAP application, then your OSAP aid entitlement may be reassessed.

After you are assessed and receive a Part-Time Student Loan or grant during the summer session, you cannot be reassessed for full-time OSAP aid if you add more courses. This means that any tuition, fees, and book costs for those additional course(s) will not be considered.

How to report changes to OSAP application information
When applying for OSAP aid you provide personal and financial information that is used to determine your eligibility and funding entitlement. If this information changes during the academic session in which you receive OSAP assistance, then you are responsible to notify the University so that we can update the information on your OSAP record. . . . continue reading »
Reporting scholarships, awards and bursaries to OSAP
Undergraduate students — All funding (scholarships, bursaries and awards, etc.) received by the University will be reported to OSAP and may have an impact on your OSAP entitlement. . . . continue reading »