Release of OSAP funds - summer session

In the summer session, OSAP aid is released in a single instalment. It should be available within five to ten days of the first day of your summer classes, provided you: followed the application deadlines; submitted a complete and accurate application; and are still registered in the courses specified on your OSAP application. Once your study period begins, the government will ask York University's Student Financial Services to confirm your current registration status. After your status is confirmed, the government will authorize the release of your summer OSAP funds. If you agree to have direct funds to York University on your OSAP application, part or all of your funding instalment will be applied directly to the outstanding balance of your student account. The amount and date of the direct payment(s) made to York will be available on the government OSAP website. Any remaining balance will be sent to you by cheque or by direct deposit. If you are taking SU term courses, the confirmation of your registration to the government will take place around the first day of summer session in May. If you are taking shorter summer courses beginning in June or July, then your registration status will not be confirmed (and your OSAP funds cannot be released) until those courses begin.

OSAP overawards

An overaward occurs when you receive OSAP aid during the fall/winter session greater than your aid entitlement. Summer session OSAP aid is then reduced by the repayable amount of the overaward from the fall/winter session. If you have two overawards on your OSAP account, then you will be unable to receive any further OSAP assistance until you repay the amount of your most recent overaward to the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). Once the repayment is made, NSCLC will provide you with an official receipt showing the amount and date of payment. Take this receipt to Registrarial Services so that they can update your OSAP record.