Release of OSAP funds

In the fall/winter session, OSAP aid is released in two instalments: one in September (60% of funds) and one in January (40% of funds). Students who apply for OSAP aid only for one term of the fall/winter session receive only one instalment, at the start of that term.

On your OSAP application, you will be asked whether you want your funding sent directly to York University.

If you agree to have direct funds to York University on your OSAP application, part or all of your funding instalment will be applied directly to the outstanding balance of your student account. The amount and date of the direct payment(s) made to York will be available on the government OSAP website. Any remaining balance will be sent to you by cheque or by direct deposit.

If you do not agree to direct funds to York University on your OSAP application, then funds are released directly to you. It is your responsibility to make payments to York by the posted fee deadlines, to avoid late charges or financial blocks on your account.

If you have applied for OSAP aid by June 30, then no late charges will be applied to your account for the fall/winter session until October 10.

For more information about how the redirection is calculated, please visit the Directing OSAP Funds to York University web page.

OSAP overawards

An overaward occurs when you receive OSAP aid during the fall/winter session greater than your aid entitlement. Summer session OSAP aid is then reduced by the amount of the fall/winter session overaward.

If you have two overawards on your OSAP account, then you will be unable to receive any further assistance until you repay the amount of your most recent overaward to the National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC). Once the repayment is made, NSCLC will provide you with an official receipt showing the amount and date of payment. Take this receipt to Registrarial Services so that they can update your OSAP record.