Step 6. Receive your funds

Note: Maximum amounts of potential OSAP aid can be found on the government OSAP website.

Once your application is completed and reviewed, the government sends you a “Notice of Assessment” with the amount of your actual OSAP entitlement. Use this information to begin planning your budget for the academic year.

Please note that your OSAP funds may arrive in your bank account in two parts. If at first the deposit is not what you were expecting, check your account over the next few days for the remainder to be deposited.

National Student Loans Service Centre (NSLSC)

NSLSC administers your OSAP loan. Once your loan has been authorized, the NLSCS disburses the funds, and once you are no longer a full-time student, your loan repayments will be made to them. You can set up an account with NSLSC to track your account.

We encourage you to register online for one of NSLSC's regular loan repayment webinars.

NSLSC contact information:

The National Student Loan Service Centre
P.O. Box 4030
Mississauga, ON L5A 4M4
Phone 1-888-815-4514

Release of OSAP funds
In the fall/winter session, OSAP aid is released in two instalments: one in September (60% of funds) and one in January (40% of funds). Students who apply for OSAP aid only for one term of the fall/winter session receive only one instalment, at the start of that term. . . . continue reading »
How and when do I receive my second instalment?
If you are expecting a second OSAP instalment (40% of your total OSAP entitlement), York will check and electronically confirm your registration status at the end of December. Once confirmed, the funds will be released by the Ministry after classes begin in January. . . . continue reading »
Student responsibilities
When you receive any Canada Student Loan or Ontario Student Loan, you assume the following responsibilities . . . continue reading »
Directing OSAP funds to York University
When you apply for OSAP, you can choose to automatically direct a portion of your OSAP funds to York University to be used towards your outstanding debt. This option provides a convenient method of making payments to your student account and minimizing interest charges on overdue amounts. . . . continue reading »