OSAP for non-degree, certificate and exchange students

OSAP eligibility for non-degree students
As a full-time, non-degree student, you could be eligible to apply for OSAP assistance if you are on a Letter of Permission (LOP) from your home institution and are taking credit courses that will be applied to your degree at your home institution. . . . continue reading »
OSAP eligibility for certificate students
If you are registered as a full-time student in one of these programs as a stand-alone certificate (that is, taking the certificate outside of a degree program) and you require financial aid, then you may apply for OSAP aid provided you meet all the other eligibility requirements. . . . continue reading »
Applying for OSAP aid for courses taken elsewhere while attending York

If you are enroled concurrently at York University and another postsecondary institution, then your tuition, compulsory fees and books for those courses may be added to your OSAP assessment at York if the credits will be applied to your York degree.

Apply for OSAP aid at the institution where you are taking the larger course load during the session; download this form and have it completed by the non-York institution.

Applying for OSAP while on a formal exchange

Because you are a full-time registered student at York University during the formal exchange term(s), you can apply for OSAP aid as described above. You must complete and submit a form that provides specific program dates at your host institution so we can assess your application accurately: . . . continue reading »