How and when do I receive my second instalment?

If you are expecting a second OSAP instalment (40% of your total OSAP entitlement), York will check and electronically confirm your registration status at the end of December. Once confirmed, the funds will be released by the Ministry after classes begin in January.

Around late November the government will notify you, via email, to go online to confirm or update the income information you provided on your OSAP application. This step is important so that your OSAP entitlement is calculated correctly.

As you are probably aware, the government performs an income verification with Revenue Canada at a later date (usually in June/July) to confirm that income on your OSAP application is consistent with the income you reported on your income tax forms. If you reported incorrect income to OSAP, you may be reassessed, and ultimately, may affect your future OSAP eligibility.

Students who apply for OSAP for only one term (fall or winter) receive their full OSAP entitlement in one instalment.