How to apply for OSAP aid for the fall/winter session

Note: Students in the York/Sheridan joint program in design must apply for OSAP through the Financial Aid Office at Sheridan College.

  1. Complete and submit the online OSAP application. Identify York University as your university. OSAP funds cannot be transferred from one school to another.

  2. Print off the signature forms as required and make sure that all signatures are included on the forms. If even one signature is missing, the impacted form will not be processed and your assessment and aid will be delayed.

  3. Attach any other required documentation to the signature forms. For the fall/winter session, application information/documents must be received by the preceding June 30 or your assessment and aid will be delayed. Your assessment and funding will not be available if any documents remain outstanding.

  4. Upload your completed signature forms and any supporting documentation directly to your OSAP account. To do so, log into your OSAP account and go to your application to use the “Print or upload documents” option. Upload your declaration and signature forms, along with any other supporting documentation to the “Required Documents (print/upload)” page of your OSAP application. For further instructions, please refer to the page on how to Upload Your Supporting OSAP documents.

  5. Complete a Student Financial Profile online so that you can be assessed for additional funding and work/study employment opportunities.